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Pasticceria Internazionale World Wide Edition

Asia Pastry Forum 2016

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by pastry chef Martin Lippo

In November was held the Asia Pastry Forum 2016 in Kuala Lumpur. Our friend and collaborator, the pastry chef Martin Lippo, is been there and he conducted workshops as other great 15 pastry chefs.
"I think is always important to have information about what is happening around the world and specially in big events like this one", he says.
So, thanking him a lot, we publish this contribution and we will present some pastry recipes, starting with "Flower Garden" creation of Lippo (above in photo).

Asia Pastry Forum 2018

Asia Pastry Forum” is the biggest Pastry workshop event in the world
It's an Annual Pastry Event of Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia, An International group of pastry schools with branches in India, Philippines, Indonesia & Singapore
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Paris Mont Blanc. The recipe by Johann Martin

Johann Martin, pastry chef at the Bellouet Conseil in Pasris, presents the Paris Mont Blanc. Chestnut biscuit, chestnut mousse, blackcurrant compote, chestnut cream and milk chocolate mirror glaze.
This recipe has been presented in occasion of the last edition of Asia Pastry Forum, in Kuala Lumpur.

Winter wood cake by pastry chef Jean Francois Arnaud

Orange sponge cake, Orange supreme, Blood orange jelly, Chocolate streusel and Hazelnut creamy.
The recipe of the pastry chef Jean Francois Arnaud,
presented in occasion of the last edition of Asia Pastry Forum, in Kuala Lumpur.