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NY Cake Show by Lisa Mansour

We'll be there!
Join us for the 5th annual NY Cake Show
On Saturday June 10th and Sunday 11th
Pier 36 299 South street, New York
"Pasticceria Internazionale World Wide Edition" is media partner.

The NY Cake Show, created by Lisa Mansour, celebrates innovation in the cake artist community achieving resounding success every year. It is the only cake show in NYcity.
People come from all over the world to the NY Cake Show: Australia, Canada, Bahamas, China and from all the United States. It has become a truly international event.
This year, the NY Cake Show features a Broadway-themed cake decorating competition, curated international exhibitor floor, free and ticketed demonstrations, hands-on classes, and delicious food and beverages for sale throughout the day.
Lisa Mansour promises the best cakes you’ve ever seen! The NY Cake Show brings together the greatest cake designer and amateurs in a great show where competition aims to discover new techniques, new talents and trends.

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Les Rêves de Pierre

Collection available from 11 May 2017

Imagine summer at its most idyllic: warm weather with a light breeze; languid moments where everyday concerns make way for flights of fancy; and long evenings that you never want to end. A dreamy, magical summer that is decidedly modern thanks to a visionary touch from Pierre Marcolini, who’s combining the health drive with the sweet tooth this season.
Just wait for the stunning cereal pralines at the heart of his innovative chocolate collection. Not to mention his range of iced treats… A new assortment of make-your-own choc ices awaits, with his latest ice cream pots completing the summery offering.

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Ready for the 28th Annual U.S. Pastry Competition

Paris Gourmet presents the 28th Annual U.S. Pastry Comeptition on March 5, 2017 at the International Restaurant & FoodService Show of New York.
Fifteen accomplished chefs from the pastry world have been selected to compete for the coveted title, Pastry Chef of the Year.
The event allows leading pastry chefs to showcase their talent by creating a mini pastry buffet with a highy technical sculpted chocolate showpiece. The assigned theme is: Modern Masters Come to Chocolate.

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