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USA wins the 30th Bocuse d’Or

Among the 24 participating Countries selected for the grand finale of the Bocuse d’Or, The United States imposed their supremacy in Lyon after 5 hours and 35 minutes of tests.
Chef Mathew Peters masterfully composed with the two imposed tests: “Bresse chicken with shellfish” presented on a tray with two accompaniments and a “vegetal dish” served on a plate highlighting vegetables.

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Chocolate weeks : Two weeks of indulgence at 37 locations in Brussels

From 1 - 15 February chocolate aficionados can once again indulge in Brussels. For the third time focuses on chocolate during the Chocolate weeks. Armed with a Chocolate pass, the visitor will be able to sample more than 20 chocolatiers’ delicacies while also enjoying discounts to the chocolate museums and purchases at various chocolate stores.
(Cover, Planète Chocolat)

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The Italo-Japanese Carpigiani Gelato-Pastry University crowns a new global trend

The newest and sweetest global pastry trend is called “gelato-pastry”. The tradition of excellence in pastry & gelato shops is 100% Italian, and in 2016 it became a global phenomenon, thanks to the educational initiatives of the Carpigiani Gelato Pastry University in Tokyo. Carpigiani – the Italian world-leading manufacturer in gelato machines, that in 2003 had already founded the Gelato University in Anzola dell’Emilia, Bologna – settled the headquarters of its new school in Japan, because here the art of pastry reaches high levels of perfection and innovation. This unique training program aims to develop new ways of merging traditional Italian gelato and high-level pastry creations.

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It was neck and neck to the last praline and in the end it was Japan who won the title of Junior World Pastry Champion at Sigep 2017. Second place went to Italy, but it was a very close thing: 3,918 point for the Japanese contestants, 3,912 for the Italians. Further behind, but still in the élite of world pastry making, France, with 3,733 points.

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Paris Mont Blanc. The recipe by Johann Martin

Johann Martin, pastry chef at the Bellouet Conseil in Pasris, presents the Paris Mont Blanc. Chestnut biscuit, chestnut mousse, blackcurrant compote, chestnut cream and milk chocolate mirror glaze.
This recipe has been presented in occasion of the last edition of Asia Pastry Forum, in Kuala Lumpur.

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Sweet creations in Fauchon Christmas Menu

This year, Fauchon celebrates 130 years of unrivalled savoir-faire in the service of demanding gourmets. On this occasion, Fauchon created a new collection imbued with an elegant art deco atmosphere. Cylinders, cubes and spheres combine with stripes and chevrons in bright and luxurious materials inspiring refinement.
Here the sweets in Menu.

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From ‘Pearly panettone’ to those baked in glass at a low temperature, from those that are “almost a pudding” to those with hazelnut butter and panettone filled with gelato and candied chestnuts.
There is even a “landscape panettone” Italy’s typical Christmas cake will be officially crowned - 21st-25th January, in Rimini (Italy) - ambassador of great Italian artisan pastry

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Asia Pastry Forum 2016

Read the news and click for the recipe
by pastry chef Martin Lippo

In November was held the Asia Pastry Forum 2016 in Kuala Lumpur. Our friend and collaborator, the pastry chef Martin Lippo, is been there and he conducted workshops as other great 15 pastry chefs.
"I think is always important to have information about what is happening around the world and specially in big events like this one", he says.
So, thanking him a lot, we publish this contribution and we will present some pastry recipes, starting with "Flower Garden" creation of Lippo (above in photo).

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