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Envol by Nicolas Cloiseau

Light As Air Collection

Nicolas Cloiseau, Master Chef of La Maison du Chocolat revisits the essentials of chocolate, with a breeze of assurance, embracing a je-ne-sais quoi and zeitgeist.
Nicolas Cloiseau rethinks textures, challenges the senses, and captures the essence of fragrances, overcoming every rule and going the opposite way. He reworks techniques and imagines new ways to taste chocolate. A hint of air is needed as an ingredient. To add flavor to air: who would have thought?
The result is crisp, frank, instinctive and sometimes explosive interpretations.

In this airy composition, whipped chocolate reveals another side of its complex nature. Signature dark and milk ganache is lightened, raspberry infusions burst with flavor, sharp lemon zest transcends ganache, and praliné takes over the senses. Five startlingly light ganaches star in this new collection that is ethereal, unexpected and nuanced with flavor.
Nicolas Cloiseau lifts the veil from chocolate to lead us towards what is essential. This Light As Air Collection defines his vision of chocolate for today: gourmand, light and irresistible.

Absolute Raspberry

Nicolas Cloiseau encapsulates intense raspberry in this emblematic ganache. He creates a chocolate-raspberry moment, ephemeral, enchanting, fragile and explosive. This chocolate without cream envelops graceful raspberry for an unforgettable taste.


Fleeting Noir

Nicolas Cloiseau gives us a new version of ganache, his very own. A blend of three dark chocolates with a touch of milk comes into perfect balance, sweet and round. The silky texture of this freshly whipped ganache leaves a fleeting and light sensation.


Puff of Lemon

Nicolas Cloiseau composes a lively chocolatelemon score, featuring high notes, and sharp edges that will take your breath away. Without any bitterness, this airy ganache with a cold infusion of lemon zest has a crisp refreshing flavor.


Creamy Lait

A hint of milk… this is how Nicolas Cloiseau envisions the sensation in his new whipped milk chocolate ganache. A blend of multiple chocolates comes together for an incomparable effect, intense and light, yet sweet.


Burst of Praliné

Taking the barest hint of slivers of caramelized hazelnuts and almonds, this chocolate without cream seems to float in air.


La Maison du Chocolat
1018 Madison Avenue
New York

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