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"International Coffee Tasting 2014: Registration is open!"
Istituto International Coffee Tasters (IIAC) organizes the event

The appointment is on 21th and 22th October in Brescia

 The appointment is on 21th and 22th October in Brescia with the International Coffee Tasting 2014, the sixth edition "by the Asian characters": the coffee from around the world will be subjected to sensory analysis according to precise scientific rules.
The judges come from all over the globe, they do not know the brands in taste, and their evaluations are subjected to statistical validation, in order to verify its correctness; the judges are also subjected to validation. This is a unique competition, as defined by Luigi Odello, president of the Istituto International Coffee Tasters (IIAC), the association which organizes the event.
In 1993 the Institute was founded with the objective to develop and disseminate a scientific method for the taste of the coffee, with hundreds of courses with more than 8,000 students from more than 40 countries around the world, and a manual Italian Espresso Tasting, published in Italian and in English, and translated into Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Thai. The scientific committee consists of academics, technicians and professionals and it plans the research to ensure innovation in the industry; for this contest, the Institute provides an unbiased assessment of the cafes in the competition.






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